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Waste Treatment:

Typical Septic Systems





Primary treatment



Influx (influent) and removal of large objects



Sand and grit removal



Primary sedimentation tank at a rural treatment plant
Primary sedimentation tank at a rural treatment plant




Secondary treatment i



Fluidized bed reactors



Filter beds (oxidising beds)

Trickling filter bed using plastic media
Trickling filter bed using plastic media



Biological aerated filters


Secondary Sedimentation tank at a rural treatment plant
Secondary Sedimentation tank at a rural treatment plant




Living Machines:


Originally invented by John Todd, Living Machines are used at a variety of scales from municipal wastewater treatment to back yard greywater recycling

Here is a link to Todd's site with a bunch of case studies

Really, they are just made of buckets, bits of pipe and a few pumps (oh, and  the plants and frogs and things)


Backyard Living Machine


  An example diagram from one manufacturer: Worrell Water Technologies





Some Examples of Use at a municipal scale:

Outdoor tanks:



Indoor Tanks:



 Or no tanks: use as a constructed wetland









(Membrane biological reactors)

Biogas can be made from all kinds of stuff: animal manure, human excrement, nitrogen-rich compost: anything that bacteria likes.

Biogas has all kinds of uses

Uses for biogas include:

cooking (see below)

running machinery


generating electricity




The following pictures are from a grassroots website explaining how to make fuel from raw sewage.


Download Powerpoint Presentation

Here are all the materials you need: (Mainly, just a huge polyethylene bag)



 The digester installed at a small farm in Vietnam


Sewage is added to the digester 


these guys have their outhouse connected directly


a diagram of the digester

 The final product: cooking gas









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